I crave intimacy but I get confused and uncomfortable when I’m shown even the slightest bit of attention or affection.

This is me

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Jonghyun fell straight back like a true gangsta. Lowkey looked like he passed out. He didn’t even try to cushion his fall. Just him and gravity: a love story. Like I’m crying laughing here.

Jinki: Actually puts his hands out like a normal person and sits down…

Key: Has the vapors and lays down on his fainting couch…

Taemin: Part of the Black Panther Party movement…

Minho: Rocks with it, leans with it

Jonghyun: You know he dead.

These comments.. I’m dying.

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I’ve played an awful lot of very sweet characters, so suddenly the idea of doing something incredibly dark is quite appealing. Riario is  ruthless bastard, the illegittimate son of the pope and the show’s primary antagonist; he’s somewhere between a CIA expert in forceful rendition and a mafia hit man. (x)

Blake Ritson as Count Girolamo Riario in Da Vinci’s Demons, season 1.


One of Da Vinci’s Demons reoccurring themes:

Riario’s pining obsession for Leonardo.